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Welcome to the cancer Nanotechnology Laboratory (caNanoLab) portal. caNanoLab is a data sharing portal designed to facilitate information sharing in the biomedical nanotechnology research community to expedite and validate the use of nanotechnology in biomedicine. caNanoLab provides support for the annotation of nanomaterials with characterizations resulting from physico-chemical and in vitro assays and the sharing of these characterizations and associated nanotechnology protocols in a secure fashion.

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Search Protocols Search Protocols
Search for nanotechnology protocols leveraged in performing nanomaterial characterization assays.
Search Samples Search Samples
Search for information on nanomaterials including the composition of the nanomaterial, results of physico-chemical, in vitro, and other characterizations, and associated publications.
See also Advanced Sample Search.
99 Sample Sources
4059 Characterizations
1171 Physico-chemical
1973 In Vitro
23 In Vivo
892 Other
Search Publications Search Publications
Search for information on nanotechnology publications including peer reviewed articles, reviews, and other types of reports related to the use of nanotechnology in biomedicine.
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